Maintain Precise Room Air Conditions
Pneumafil air washers provide precise control of temperature (±2°F or 1°C) and relative humidity (±2%) without expensive reheat
Precise Air Conditioning Without Expensive Reheat

Take advantage of the outstanding control and cost efficiency offered by Pneumafil air washers. Pneumafil engineering makes it possible for you to control temperature to ±2°F (1°C) and relative humidity to ±2%. Using products offered to you only by Pneumafil, you achieve that control without the need for expensive reheat
Choose a low-velocity or high-velocity air washer. Both feature the high-efficiency Pneumaspray™ system and Pneumafil Self-Cleaning Water Filter. Sophisticated computerized controls automatically regulate room air conditions and system operations. Spray density may be modulated to compensate for widely varying room loads, reducing operating expense

Assembly options vary from virtual complete preassembly in our plant to complete assembly in your plant. Pneumafil will install your air washer using your concrete basin or we will provide a stainless steel tank.

Low-velocity air washers

These highly efficient air washers help you handle the tough demands created in environments such as opening, carding, spinning, twisting, warping and weaving. The unit is designed to handle large volumes of air with high sensible and latent heat loads. During warmer months, use the system for cooling and dehumidifying. Use it for humidifying air during colder months

High-velocity air washers

A patented high-velocity moisture eliminator blade in this unit removes water droplets from the air stream at velocities two to three times higher than conventional washers. What’s more, it requires only one-half to one-third the space needed for other systems. This makes the Pneumafil high-velocity air washer a perfect choice for new or retrofit installations where space is at a premium

Pneumaspray™ Air Washer Spray System

Pneumaspray, a standard feature on all Pneumafil air washers, gives you more control at less cost. The system achieves 95 percent-plus saturation efficiency while using less water than conventional spray systems. You benefit from continuous operation without nozzle wear and virtually no clogging of nozzles