We are depply involved in the manufacture and designing of specially designed Dry Dust Collectors that are used to collect the dry dust from the production areas, generated during the production or feeding time. These products are specially designed with ducts having suction blowers with high pressure that help in collecting the dust from the working areas and also have pressure gauge and safety valves to avoid accidents.

Dust Collectors, Fume Extractors, Wet Scrubbers for Fume & Chrome, Welding Smoke Extraction & Mist Collection Systems
Offering turnkey installations with dust collectors, fume extractors, wet scrubbers, mist collection systems, cleanroom filtration, commercial air purifiers, Welding Fume Extraction Equipment and HEPA Air Cleaners from the best names in pollution control including Aercology, Torit Donaldson, Tri-Mer & Smokemaster .

Dry Scrubbers (Dust Collectors)
An essential equipment for the exhaust air from various pharmaceutical processing equipments, It removes the toxic substances using cartridge filters. The filters are automaticaly cleaned by an air pulse at the regular intervals and the equipment works continuously without stoppages.


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For problem smoke, dust, fumes, mist and odors, call IAS for an in-plant clean air solution designed specifically for you.
We'll engineer the right dust collectors, fume extractors or mist collection systems to help you meet and exceed OSHA and EPA Regulations.

Choose from a complete line of indoor air quality equipment and cleanroom filtration systems, including:

Dry Dust Collection Systems by Torit Donaldson
Wet Dust Collectors by Tri-Mer
Mist Collection Systems by Aercology
Fume Extractors and Smoke Extraction Systems by XtractMAX, WeldAir, DuroVac and more
Wet Scrubbers for stack gas or chrome by Tri-Mer
Cleanroom Filtration for hospitals and construction
HEPA Air Cleaners by Industrial Air Solutions
Commercial Air Cleaners by Smokemaster, Biozone, Enviro, Everclear, CAP Biological and more
Replacement filters for all brand names


The collector consists of blower that creates vaccum inside the collector and the cartage filter within the collector, sucks the dry dust. The filter consists of a nozzle which sprays continuous pressurized air, to avoid the jamming of the filter. The dust particles are air spray creates the vacuum inside of collector body and the air struck to the cartage filter. The continuous air spray provided to the filter by nozzle and air pressure for keeping filter cleaned and avoiding filter to be jammed. The dust particle stuck to the filter are gathered to the bottom of collector and later on removed from the collector.
Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors High Efficiency Filtration


CAM-LOC Positive Filter Sealing Mechanism
Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collectors High Efficiency Filtration


Sidekick™ Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors High Efficiency Filtration

Shakemaster™ Baghouse Dust Collectors High Efficiency Filtration

Manual and Motorized Bag Shaking Options

Enviro-Cell™ Environmental Work Booth High Efficiency Filtration


One and Two Cartridge Configurations
Portable, Hopper and Dust Drawer Designs

Dry Dust Collection


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