Industrial coolers (high profile) are designed for very large capacity low, medium, or high cold storage; low temperature cold storage warehouses; grocery distribution warehouses (standard or penthouse arrangement); blast freezing tunnels (45° or 90° down discharge); fruit and/or vegetable processing or storage (facilities where cleanability is not critical), and controlled atmosphere fruit/vegetable storage. Units with high velocity air are used in spaces well below freezing, or where moisture carry-over can be tolerated. VFD compatible motors; standard diameter cast aluminum propeller fans 30”, 36”, 42”, or 48”


Capacities up to 95 Tons (330 kW)
Airflow up to 147,000 CFM (68,700 L/s)
Drawthrough Configuration with Horizontal Air Discharge
50 or 60 Hz Operation
Ammonia, Freon, or Glycol Refrigerants
Direct Expansion, Liquid Overfeed, or Gravity Flooded Circuiting
Air, Water, Hot Gas, or Electric Defrost
30, 36, or 42 inch Diameter Cast Aluminum Propeller Fans
Severe Duty TEFC Fan Motors (Overload Protection by Others)
Galvanized Steel Cabinet
Aluminum or Copper Tubes, with Aluminum Fins
All Units Shipped Upright with Easy-to-Remove Shipping Legs



45° Down, and 90° Down (Penthouse) Fan Section
Long Airthrow Adapters (Air Straighteners)
Premium Efficiency, and VFD Compatible Fan Motors
Steel Fan Blades
Stainless Steel Tubes with Aluminum Fins
Stainless Steel Tubes with Stainless Steel Fins
All Aluminum, or All Stainless Steel Cabinet
Dielectric Flange Union Connections for Ammonia
Insulated Drainpan
UL Listed Industrial Control Panels


Very Large Capacity Low, Medium, or High Temperature Cold Storage
Low Temperature Cold Storage Warehouses.Grocery Distribution Warehouses (Standard or Penthouse Arrangement)
Blast Freezing Tunnels (45° or 90° Down Discharge)
Fruit and/or Vegetable Processing or Storage where Cleanability is NOT Critical
Controlled Atmosphere Fruit and Vegetable Storage


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