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Handheld Laser Particle Counter Reviews & Comparisons

A handheld particle counter offers a low cost, portable and versatile solution for monitoring and testing environmental & indoor air quality, particle concentrations, and air purifier filter efficiency. Our selection of handheld laser particle counters from Lighthouse, Met One, and IQAir ParticleScan provides you with the most popular hand held particle counters available. From entry level to advanced models, we review and offer handheld laser particle counters that can simply display particle concentrations, or our most sophisticated models can do as much as sample particles / temperature / relative humidity, time stamp, store data records, calculate particulate mass, display multiple channels of size distribution, connect to a portable printer, connect to a PC, and can be user programmable.

The Black Series Kit Includes...

Limited Edition Black Series 3016 handheld particle counter
Isokinetic Sampling Probe 0.1 CFM
Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe
0.1µm Purge Filter Assembly
2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
External Battery Charger w/ Car Adapter
LMS Exchange Software
LMS Express Software
RS-232 Interface Cable
USB to Serial Port Converter
Pelican flight case
Operating Manual CD & Read Me First
Quick Start Guide
Power Supply: Input 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz; Output 24 VDC w/ 3 prong cord



User friendly touch-screen interface
Stores 3,000 data records
Easy data downloads
Comprehensive software package
Easy to read display
Rechargeable batteries
Fully programmable
Cumulative or differential modes
Built-in cleanroom calculator
Cleanroom report function
Modbus communication via RS-232
Low Cost of Ownership
2 year manufacturer's warranty
International Support